Events and exams of the season:

Season 2018

Eishin training course
Eishin training on the 7th, October 2018.

Eishin dojo organized a training on the 25/02/2018.

Events to come
  • Participation to France Iaido championship competition for 2018 and grade exam
  • Eishin training course (more details soon)
  • Participation at the national training course of Versailles
Season 2017

We are glad to announce you our successfully passed grade exams:

National iaido training at Versailles 2017:
José, 3rd dan
Léon, 1rst dan

France iaido Championship 2017:
Emma, 2nd dan
Hélène, 2nd Dan

Competition results:
Frédéric, médaille de bronze en catégorie 4e dan
Emma, Gold medal in 1rst dan category
Emma, Bronze medal in 1rst dan category


Eishin Dojo was at the national iaido training of Maison-Laffite (France). Our members took this opportunity to apply for a new grade. They obtained 100% of success ! The results: two 1rst Dan and two 2nd Dan, congratulations to Emma, Helene, José and Jacques !




Eishin Dojo : iaido in Paris

EISHIN DOJO is a 1901 law association. Its vocation is to practice and participate to iaido development in France, especially in Paris.

The association will gladly welcome you and share is passion about IAIDO.

IAIDO is one of the most ancient japanese martial art. It is the art of throwing the saber and cut in only one and solely movement.

By training mostly alone, the iaidoka try to achieve a perfect control of its saber in the most various contexts, visualizing one or several enemies.

The movement enchainments or katas reproduce real fighting situations from

samurai age.

These movements helps to develop concentration, availability of body and mind.

Nowadays, Iaido has a peaceful purpose and is practiced in a warmheartedness spirit.

[videojs mp4=”http://eishindojo.fr/images/stories/videos/eishin2.mov” width=”90%” height=”360″] If you cannot see the video, please follow this link (French only): cliquez ici

You will find any useful informations about our association, but do not hesitate to come and meet us, nothing replace a real contact.