Eishin Dojo


Iaido Eishin dojo

Credits : Thomas Fritz

Men and women from 16 to 74 years old gather around the same passion.


One of the most beautiful iaido floor of Paris.

A 8-teachers team all qualified (two 6th dan, two 5th dan, two 4th dan, two 3rd dan).

10 teachers trained and holders of certificate since 1996.

We welcome newcomers during all the sport season.

Several workshop levels: Setei Iai (beginners, high level), and Muso Shinden Ryu (Shoden, Shuden, Okuden).

Since 1996, 24 titles in individual France Championship and 7 titles in team France championship.

Eishin dojo trained: 1st dan=23 students, 2nd dan= 14 students, 3rd dan= 9 students, 4th dan= 5 students.

External training courses (national and regional) and internal training courses.

A booklet given to each member.

For all less than 18 years old members, 50% discount on membership fees.

A friendly atmosphere with dinners between friends.

For the association 10th anniversary, a tsuba (the sabre gard) has been created by a well known French artist:



image tsuba

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