Bernard Grillot
Credits : Thomas Fritz

The term IAIDO refers to the martial art that lets you, with a sabre, fend off one or several attacks before they can reach you.

This is a personal development process, since it requires continued efforts to progress.

With regard to philosophical aspects, we think anyone should draw his own conclusions through practice.
Concerning philosophical aspects, it is to each to draw its own conclusions through practice. We think, as japanese sensei expressed it, that iaido is mostly based on physical exercise. We forbid ourselves to express any interpretation of our practiced art.

Iaido history

IAIDO find its origins in the many figths samurais and ronins have had to resolve.

Iaido practicioner had to develop technics to throw the sabre and cut from several positions:

stand up (tachi), kneeled down (seiza), on guard (tate hiza).

It seems that iaido basic technics have been created since the early 8th century (AD). These technics have been systematized and materialised at the beginning of the 16th century. Traditionally, modern iaido foundation is attributed to HAYASHISAKI JINSUKE SHIGENOBU, who lived from 1549 to 1622 AD.

At Eishin dojo, we practice MUSO SHINDEN RYU, school created by HAKUDO NAKAYAMA in 1933.