The outfit

The outfit
Credits: Thomas Fritz

Starting iaïdo

For first courses, you can come wearing kimono(judo, karaté or other), or even in tracksuit.
We recommend to bring supple kneepads for floor work.

The obi (wide belt holding the saya) can be borrowed at the club for first classes.

The outfit

Equipment is made of three parts:

The jacket, specially designed for iaido (a kendo jacket is also alright).

The hakama is often described as a « trousers-skirt » because of the size of the legs and pleats it is made of. It is tied with long sewn straps on the bottom and front of the hakama.

The obi, or belt, must be carefully chosen since it ensures iaito holding, together with the hakama straps. There are obis specially made for iaido. Obi is worn above the jacket and under the hakama.