The teachers

Foundators members (from left to right,bottom row):
Isabelle Filippi (3rd dan), Claude Berton (3rd dan), Bernard Grillot (6th dan Renshi), Guy Leroux (3rd dan).
From left to right, top row:
Philippe Suzanne (4th dan), Didier Desfougères (5th dan), Nabih El Sayah (4th dan), Frédéric Coulon (5th dan), André Junot (6th dan).

A 8 teachers team gladly welcome those interested by Iaido at anytime of the sport season. The important number of teachers on the floor affords to have several workshops depending on different levels:

– “SETEI IAI” workshop, beginners, average and advanced.

– “MUSO SHINDEN RYU” workshop, Choden, Chuden, Okuden,

All teachers are volunteers and are granted of Federal Brevet for Iaido teaching (BFEI, delivered by the CNK who is affiliated to the National Federation of Judo).