The weapons

For first classes

The bokken (wood sword) and its saya (case) are lent by the club.


The bokken


At the beginning, a bokken is enough. It will accompany the player for individual exercises or with a partner, all along its iaido practice. The bokken must be chosen carefully.

Of course, the beginner wishes to have quickly a iaito. However, he must not forgot bokken is a real weapon (Myamoto Musashi achievements suffice to prove it!). It is better to have a bokken with a case (saya), in order to study movements sequences. This way, the bokken use will be nearer iaito use.

The iaito

iaito saya png
The iaito is a sword made of different chromium alloys. It is not sharp but its size and weigth have the feeling of a katana. It really is the work tool of a iaidoka.

The shinken or katana

The use of a katana or a shinken requires a very high level of iaido practice and the consent of teachers since it is a real sharp blade.